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It is somewhat of a surprise to realize that we have now completed Volume 6, marking six years of publication. At first Contemporary Aesthetics might have seemed an airy adventure but it has proved itself to be a serious and substantial scholarly endeavor. We are not only completing our fullest volume of publication; we have been gratified to learn that we have established ourselves successfully as an international forum in aesthetics that is widely consulted. Our webmaster tells us that the number of visits out website receives is outstanding, whichever of two different sources we consult. Webalizer calculates that our daily visits over the past twelve months have ranged from 126 to 163 and our monthly visits from 2902 to 5049, for a total of nearly 47,000 visits for the year. Google statistics are even better. From the month of November 21 to December 21, 2008 there were 12,155 pages. I think this shows both the interest our journal attracts and confirms the success of the medium. Electronic publication has clearly established itself and so has Contemporary Aesthetics.

We here in the editorial office of Contemporary Aesthetics appreciate the interest that has been shown in our undertaking and the support we have received. As we mature we are continuing to adapt to new needs and opportunities. This past year the Rhode Island School of Design began its sponsorship and practical support of our operations. As we increase the size of our volumes, our need for financial support continues to grow and we welcome your ideas for assisting us. And in expanding our publication program, we rely on the advice of our advisory board and have thought it desirable to enlarge our editorial base. We are pleased and gratified to announce that two of our dedicated advisors and supporters have agreed to join our Editorial Board: Larry Shiner and Ivan Gaskell. We have long benefited from their advice and now shall be able to do so even more freely.

The future of CA is promising. In addition to continuing to publish work from different scholarly traditions and international sources, we are completing preparation of a new special volume on aesthetics and race guest-edited by Monique Roelofs. This is the culmination of several years of planning and preparation and continues our mission of publishing work that may be available nowhere else.

We appreciate the interest and support of the scholarly community, and many have contributed to our work by reviewing the manuscripts submitted to us. In addition to the yeoman-like efforts of our Associate Editor Yuriko Saito, we are grateful to other scholars who have reviewed submissions during the past year. These include Philip Alperson, Riva Berleant, Ivan Gaskell, David Goldblatt, Arto Hapala, Kathleen Higgins, Kirsten Jacobson, Estella Lauter, Tom Leddy, Glenn Parsons, Monique Roelofs, Crispin Sartwell, Larry Shiner, Laurent Stern, and Tom Wartenburg. My appreciation and thanks to all of them.

Arnold Berleant, Editor