Faire pleurer les Nuages by Marie-Luce Nadal (Make the Clouds Cry, 2015-17) presents a ritual in which, after a fencing duel, the artist shoots into the sky with a crossbow to bring rain. Her poetic outdoor performance alludes to a widespread practice among French farmers around the mid-20th century: firing at stormy skies to “seed the clouds.” The stylized violence in the video inspires meditation on power dynamics, rivalry between water and fire, and suffering in the relationships between humans and nature. Watch the video here: Faire pleurer les nuages


In recent years aesthetics has grown into a rich and varied discipline. Its scope has widened to embrace ethical, social, religious, environmental, and cultural concerns. As international communication increases through more frequent congresses and electronic communication, varied traditions have joined with its historically interdisciplinary character, making aesthetics a focal center of diverse and multiple interests. These need a forum that is universal and inclusive, easy to access, and unhampered by financial, political, and institutional barriers. An on-line publication offers an ideal opportunity for advancing these purposes and Contemporary Aesthetics endeavors to provide that forum.

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