Symposium on Taste: A Philosophy of Food by Sarah Worth

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Symposium on Taste: A Philosophy of Food by Sarah Worth


The commentaries collected in this symposium were first developed at the “Author Meets Critics” session on Sarah Worth’s Taste: A Philosophy of Food at The American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Division Meeting in Philadelphia, April, 2022.  We thank Deborah Knight for proposing this symposium to be published in Contemporary Aesthetics and all the authors for their contributions.

Taste, Knowledge, and Discernment: on Sarah Worth’s Taste
-Carolyn Korsmeyer

The Pleasure of Knowing: Comments on Sarah Worth’s Taste
-Alexandra Plakias

Eat, Taste, Know – Reflections on Sarah Worth’s Taste: A Philosophy of Food
-Deborah Knight

Taste: A Philosophy of Food
-Sarah Worth