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With Volume 2, Contemporary Aesthetics completed its first full year of operation. It has been a year of consolidation and refinement. We have made a number of small changes in the program of our web site so that it is clearer and more consistent. We have also learned to incorporate links in our articles to illustrations freely available over the Internet, making the visual resources for our publication far richer. We hope future authors will also take advantage of our capacity to include sound and video files in their publications.

Volume 2 has continued our policy of providing a forum for interesting work in aesthetics that reflects different scholarly and stylistic approaches. Good work comes in many voices, and our intent is to encourage substantive contributions of all sorts over conventions of content and expression.

Volume 2 also saw some innovative features. We began a symposium on the body to encourage focus on this aspect of aesthetic thought, and this will continue in Volume 3 with further contributions already in preparation. CA also responded to the need for a forum in which to continue discussion of the place of science in aesthetics, a subject which evoked considerable interest at the International Conference of Aesthetics held in Rio De Janeiro in July 2004. This forum will also continue in Volume 3 for as long as there is interest in contributing to the discussion of this issue.

Contemporary Aesthetics sees itself as a flexible resource in furthering scholarly research and communication. A further innovation during the forthcoming year will be the timely publication of a supplementary volume based on the conference on 'Aesthetics and Mobility' that took place in Helsinki, Finland in January 2005. This volume will be guest edited by the organizers of that conference, Professors Arto Haapala and Ossi Naukkarinen, and we anticipate that it will appear during the current year and, like regular volumes in CA, will be easily and freely accessible.

CA is pleased to expand its function of providing an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of ideas in aesthetics. We continue to invite contributions that fulfill its purpose and warmly encourage your participation.