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The completion of the third year and thus the third volume of Contemporary Aesthetics carries a sense of development and fulfillment. CA has shown that it can make a distinctive contribution to scholarship in aesthetics by providing a forum for a wide range of approaches to aesthetic inquiry and a broad scope of interests. We are pleased, too, with the quality of the writing of many of our contributions, as well as with the quality of thought.

During this past year, moreover, the form of our publication has also broadened. Volume 3 completed our symposium on The Body, a series of six papers that bring to that subject a remarkable range of perspectives. CA also expanded its technical capacity in several ways. One was the ambitious project of publishing the selected proceedings of the conference on Aesthetics and Mobility as a special volume, which required extending the capabilities of our site. We also began to make the endnote references more convenient so that clicking on an endnote number in the text instantly brings up the note, and clicking on the number in the note returns one to the original text. Over the next several weeks we plan to extend the same feature to all the papers in our earlier volumes.

Further technical development of our website will occur in Volume 4 as the need and opportunity arise. We hope to publish work using musical illustrations that will be accessible directly from the paper. Also scheduled is a symposium on pictorial realism. CA continues to invite its readers to send us work that exemplifies the mission of this journal to extend the range and issues of aesthetics from a multi-disciplinary and international perspective. We look forward to this new volume with optimism and excitement.

Let me close by acknowledging the assistance of many whose advice and reviews of submissions make it possible to maintain the quality and character of Contemporary Aesthetics. Foremost is our Associate Editor Yuriko Saito for her tireless work and fine judgment. Among others who have helped are Riva Berleant-Schiller, John Carvalho, Madalina Diaconu, Ivan Gaskell, Theodore Gracyk, Casey Haskins, Ronald Hepburn, Jo Ellen Jacobs, Sheila Lintott, David P. Moxley, Glenn Parsons, Larry Shiner, Robert Yanal, and Xin Wu. I also want to acknowledge with appreciation the positive response of our authors, whose work has benefitted from the reviewers' suggestions. Thanks to all!