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With Volume 6 Contemporary Aesthetics begins its sixth year of publication. I find it astonishing to realize that we have now completed five yearly volumes, and am gratified that we have fulfilled our original intention of providing an effective forum for work in aesthetics of high quality that reflects a wide range of styles, interests, and scholarly traditions. Each of our volumes shows how successful the efforts of our authors, reviewers, editors, and copy-editors have been. It also pleases me that our original conception of the journal's design and operation has proved effective; it has since been enhanced by features that make the journal even more convenient to use, such as endnote numbers that link to the corresponding endnote with a mouse-click. Not only have we been able to freely use both visual and auditory illustrations, but our home page has been graced with art on a two-year cycle, and has included a work in mixed media, an environmental design project and, at present, a wooden sculpture by an Angolan artist.

This year has seen the completion of several developments that will further promote the mission of Contemporary Aesthetics. First, we are pleased and honored to announce that Contemporary Aesthetics is now sponsored by The Rhode Island School of Design, which will also help support our work. We are deeply grateful to RISD for its recognition and its encouragement. And second, we have concluded arrangements for electronic archiving, so that work published in CA will always be retrievable regardless of changes in computer technology. We expect that Volume 6 will continue to expand our scholarly and technical resources.

But the clearest sign of our accomplishment is the journal's use. In the most recent period for which statistics are available, Contemporary Aesthetics was read over a twelve-month period by 20,000 readers. Much of this success is owed to the quality of work by our contributors and the assistance of members of the International Editorial Advisory Board. But special appreciation goes to our reviewers: Andrew Ballantyne, Riva Berleant, John Carvalho, Ivan Gaskell, David Goldblatt, Hilde Hein, Jo Ellen Jacobs, Estella Lauter, Sheila Lintott, Katya Mandoki, Glenn Parsons, Larry Shiner, Stefan Snaevaar, and Robert Yanal. Their conscientious and constructive reports over the past year have been as valuable to our authors as to the editors.

All five volumes of Contemporary Aesthetics are instantly accessible from our home page, and we hope you continue to find them a unique and valuable scholarly resource. I and my indefatigable Associate Editor, Yuriko Saito, thank you for your interest in Contemporary Aesthetics. Please read CA, send us your work, and recommend us to your colleagues.