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Short Notes

Welcome to our section for shorter, more targeted pieces of current interest in aesthetics and philosophy of art. This section consists of submissions of 300-800 words that offer an opportunity for discussions that are more targeted and focused than the regular articles. They might offer points of view on topics such as modes of appreciation of environment or of a theater performance, or an insight gained from an essay or book. Short Notes should be of general interest and relevance to CA readers whose disciplinary and cultural backgrounds are diverse. With the exception of discussions of books or articles, Short Notes do not require citations.

Short Notes should be submitted for blind review following the guidelines on submissions accessible from our Home Page and will be refereed. Like papers, Notes will be published in the order accepted with most recent Notes appearing at the top. The Short Notes section was inaugurated as a trial in Volume 14 (2016) and will continue through the current volume. We invite your submissions.