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Archive VOLUME 4 (2006)
  Recent Publications
Will Swanson Beautiful Noise
Michael David Szekely Gesture, Pulsion, Grain: Barthes' Musical Semiology
John Carvalho Fact and Fiction: Writing the Difference Between Suicide and Death
Christopher S. Yates A Phenomenological Aesthetic of Cinematic 'Worlds'
Mădălina Diaconu Reflections on an Aesthetics of Touch, Smell and Taste
Stephanie Ross Paradoxes and Puzzles: Appreciating Gardens and Urban Nature
Kalle Puolakka Interrupting Danto's Farewell Party Arrangements: Comments for Grigoriev
Serge Grigoriev A Reply to Puolakka
Katharine Wolfe From Aesthetics to Politics: Rancière, Kant and Deleuze
Todd S. Mei Commitment and Communication: The Aesthetics of Receptivity and Historicity
Ian Verstegen A Plea for a Cognitive Iconology within Visual Culture
Yael Kaduri Wittgenstein and Haydn on Understanding Music
Jeffrey Downard The Color of the Sublime is White
Wayne Bowman Musical Experience as Aesthetic: What Cost the Label?
Norman Kreitman The Varieties of Aesthetic Disinterestedness
Catharine Abell Realism and the Riddle of Style
John Armstrong Depiction and the Sense of Reality
Jennifer A. McMahon The Perceptual Constraints on Pictorial Realism
Dominic McIver Lopes The Special and General Theory of Realism: Reply to Abell, Armstrong, and McMahon
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