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Archive VOLUME 11 (2013)
Recent Publications
A SYMPOSIUM on Aesthetic Engagement
Arnold Berleant What is Aesthetic Engagement?
Mădălina Diaconu Grasping the Wind?
Aesthetic Participation, between Cognition and Immersion
Nathalie Blanc Aesthetic Engagement in the City
Jale Erzen Aesthetic Engagement: Art into Politics
Cheng Xiangzhan Aesthetic Engagement, Ecosophy C,
and Ecological Appreciation
John M. Carvalho The World Achieved:
Film and the Enacted Mind
Eva Kit Wah Man Influence of Global Aesthetics on Chinese Aesthetics: The Adaptation of Moxie and the Case of Dafen Cun
Alfred Frankowski The Violence of Post-Racial Memory
and the Political Sense of Mourning
Michael Ranta and Jale Erzen Report on the XIXth International Congress of Aesthetics
Ossi Naukkarinen What is 'Everyday' in Everyday Aesthetics?
Jiri Benovsky Experiencing Photographs Qua Photographs:
What's So Special about Them?
Ken-ichi Sasaki Perspectives East and West
Yves Millet Atopia & Aesthetics. A Modal Perspective
Laurent Stern Pornography and Disgust
Tiger C. Roholt In Praise of Ambiguity: Musical Subtlety and Merleau-Ponty
Nola Semczyszyn Public Aquariums and Marine Aesthetics
Sheryl Tuttle Ross The Propaganda Power of Protest Songs: the Case of Madison's Solidarity Sing-Along
Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop Hegel's Symbolic Stage: An Old Perspective on Contemporary Art
Heinz Paetzold The Aesthetics of City Strolling
Kate M. Daley Crafty Entanglements: Knitting and Hard Distinctions in Aesthetics and Political Theory
Giuseppe Patella The Aesthetics of Resistance
Kevin Melchionne The Definition of Everyday Aesthetics
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