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Archive VOLUME 12 (2014)
Recent Publications
Zhuofei Wang An Interview with Gernot Böhme
Ossi Naukkarinen Contemporary Aesthetics: Perspectives on
Time, Space, and Content
Tanya Rodriguez Numbing the Heart: Racist Jokes
and the Aesthetic Affect
Luis Velasco Pufleau Reflections on Music and Propaganda
Jonathan A. Neufeld Musical Ontology: Critical, not Metaphysical
Gianluca Consoli Brain and Aesthetic Attitude: How to Integrate
"Old" and "New" Aesthetics
Chris Barker Mechanical Reproduction in an Age of High Art
Andrea Baldini Historical Formalism in Music: Toward a Philosophical Theory of Musical Form
Simon Fokt The Cluster Account of Art: A Historical Dilemma
Michael Chapman (dis)Functions: Marxist Theories of Architecture
and the Avant-garde
Jussi Antti Saarinen The Oceanic Feeling in Painterly Creativity
David Clowney & Robert Rawlins Pushing the Limits: Risk and Accomplishment
in Musical Performance
Wolfgang Welsch Schiller Revisited:
"Beauty is Freedom in Appearance" - Aesthetics as a Challenge to the Modern Way of Thinking
Kevin Melchionne The Point of Everyday Aesthetics
Kalle Puolakka Dewey and Everyday Aesthetics - A New Look
Marta Tafalla Smell and Anosmia in the Aesthetic
Appreciation of Gardens
Jonathan Owen Clark & João Lima Duque Politics and Aesthetics: Partitions and Partitioning in Contemporary Art
Elisa Galgut Harnessing the Imagination:
the Asymmetry of Belief and Make-Believe
Joshua M. Hall Nancy and Neruda: Poetry Thinking Love
Eric C. Mullis Fitness for Function and Dance Aesthetics
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