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Archive VOLUME 15 (2017)
Recent Publications
Short Notes
Mateusz Salwa Away with Green Aesthetics!
Peter Žiak The Existential Aesthetics of Things
Evan Malone On the Oddly Satisfying
Miklos Legrady Deconstructing Walter Benjamin
Tom Baugh Thoughts on an Aesthetics of Mud
Mary Bittner Wiseman Mud, a Comment
David Goldblatt Mud and Metaphor
Arnold Berleant The Aesthetics of Mud and the Muddiness of Aesthetics
Marshall Battani
& Michaelyn Mankel
Terrorist Aesthetics as Ideal Types: from Spectacle to "Vicious Lottery"
Justin Winkler Material Blue
Aron Edidin Socio-Musical Performing Artistry
Bernard Wills & Jason Holt Art by Jerks
Anu Besson Building a Paradise? On the Quest for the
Optimal Human Habitat
Mădălina Diaconu Experience, Knowledge, and Appreciation in the Implicit Aesthetics of Weather Lore
Ken-ichi Sasaki On the Front: Aesthetics vs. the
Popular Arts and Mass Culture - I
Ken-ichi Sasaki On the Front: Aesthetics vs. the
Popular Arts and Mass Culture - II
Ossi Naukkarinen Everyday Aesthetics and Everyday Behavior
Theodore Gracyk Performer, Persona, and the Evaluation of Musical Performance
Salem Al Qudwa Aesthetic Value of Minimalist Architecture in Gaza
Yuriko Saito The Role of Imperfection in Everyday Aesthetics
Colleen Fitzpatrick Painting, Mindfulness and Crowther's Aesthetics
Marta Tafalla The Aesthetic Appreciation of Animals in Zoological Parks
Russell Quacchia A Conceptual Framework for the Aesthetics of Everyday Object Appreciation
Peter L. Doebler Imaginative Intersections: Engaging Aesthetic Experience at the Shofuso Japanese House
Kalle Puolakka The Aesthetics of Conversation: Dewey and Davidson
Thomas A. Regelski Autonomania: Music and Music Education from Mars
Konstantinos Vassiliou Sublime and Anti-sublime: Reconsidering the Relation of the Sublime to Technology
Stephen Chadwick Imagination in the Stars: The Role of the Imagination in Artistic Astronomical Photography
Katya Mandoki Bio-aesthetics: The Evolution
of Sensibility through Nature
Michael Ranta Master Narratives and the Pictorial Construction of Otherness: Anti-Semitic Images in the Third Reich and Beyond
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