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Joosik Min Introduction: Thinking the Present of East Asian Aesthetics
Part 1. Nature and Environment
Fuxing Xue Two Types of a Doctrine of Objectivity in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
David Adam Brubaker The Private Character of Natural Beauty:
Shanshui Painting as a Model for Unity of Self and Natural Environment
Part 2. Life and Human Cultivation
Liu Yuedi Contemporary Chinese Living Aesthetics and Contemporary Chinese Art History
Tanehisa Otabe The "Aesthetic Life": a Leitmotif in Modern Japanese Aesthetics
Wei Du Exploring the Inner Relationships between Modern Chinese Aesthetics and the Confucian Mind-Soul (心性) Framework
Liyong Pan Aesthetics Studies of Chinese Leisure Culture
Part 3. Art and Creation
Joosik Min The Issue of Newness Viewed through Korean Aesthetics
Hee-wan Chae The Aesthetic World and Formalistic Structure
of Korean Dance
Junghwan Lee The Universal Validity of the Conceptions of Artistic Creativity and the Perception of Beauty in Pre-modern China: A Comparative Examination
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