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A Big Disenchantment


A Big Disenchantment Wolfgang Welsch   Abstract For millennia, aesthetic activities were expected to improve the world and ourselves. Aesthetics was to hone humanity. We find this conviction in Antiquity, in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance, and throughout Modern Times and Modernity, from Plato via Leonardo da Vinci and Schiller to Dewey and Rorty. […]


Perception and World


Perception and World Wolfgang Welsch   Summary of Truth and World by Wolfgang Welsch Wolfgang Welsch, Wahrnehmung und Welt (Berlin: Matthes & Seitz, 2018), 76 pp., in German. ISBN 978-3-95757-605-7 The author presents the results of decades of his research on perception in summary form. First he clarifies the main point of the Aristotle’s theory […]


Art Addressing the Anthropocene


Art Addressing the Anthropocene Wolfgang Welsch   Abstract The current diagnosis that the era we are living in ought to be conceived as anthropocene has two implications: 1. Human activity is changing the superficial as well as the deep structure of our planet to a formerly unknown degree; and 2. The foreseeable catastrophic consequences of […]