Call for Artists

Visual Image Competition
Contemporary Aesthetics
20 Years of Contemporary Aesthetics: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Prize: $500
Contact: Yuriko Saito,
Deadline: 31 August 2021

Contemporary Aesthetics (CA) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing writers from around the world for readers in 162 countries. In 2022, CA will celebrate 20 years of continuous, quality, scholarly publication in an on-line format. In addition to bringing out a Special Volume of essays reflecting on twenty years of contemporary aesthetics, passed and to come, we will feature a visual image commemorating our 20th anniversary on our home page.

CA invites entries to a competition for the image we will use to mark this momentous event. Your creation may be the image of a whole work or the detail of a work in any visual medium, including a short video. Be mindful that the image posted on our home page will be relatively small (300×225 pixels). You can view images used in past volumes here (using the “All Volumes” link in the left sidebar): .

Entries submitted should be original work and include, feature, or figure the numeral 20 in some way. Send your entry as a gif, jpeg, or png to with the subject “20th Anniversary Image” by August 31, 2021. We welcome all creative and imaginative entries. The winner, chosen by members of our Editorial Board, will be awarded a $500 prize.

If you have any questions, please contact Yuriko Saito at We look forward to receiving and reviewing your creative work!


Call for Papers

Popular Inquiry

Expanding Everyday Aesthetics

Deadline: August 10, 2021

“When we go out in the morning to collect trash…” “When we fly with our private jets…” “At 6 AM, when all of us prisoners wake up…”

None of the aforementioned examples sound like typical examples for Everyday Aesthetics discourse. Looking critically at examples mentioned in articles on everyday aesthetics, one easily gets the feeling that they touch mostly upon the aesthetics of the lives of the Western middle class. There are, of course, differing approaches too. Some touch upon issues like junkyards and roadside clutter (Leddy), and, of course, a lot in the discussion is just about theoretical frameworks, e.g. about seeing the everyday as a set of objects (Saito) or patterns that we are routinized to do and experience (Haapala).

This special issue of Popular Inquiry would like to explore perspectives in Everyday Aesthetics from this point of view: what is lacking in the discussion?

Everyone has an everyday life, and everybody has an everyday aesthetics. What does the aesthetics of the everyday look like in rural areas in Sahel and Central Asia, in an Inuit village in the Artic, in the slum in the outskirts of Delhi or Lagos –or on a farm in Ukraine? What about refugee camps, prisons and hospitals? And what is the everyday for someone living in the streets, or for the mentally ill who does not share experiences with fellow individuals?

In what way do aesthetics and particularly Everyday Aesthetics make sense and offer theoretical concepts for characterizing, analyzing, understanding, and improving different forms of the everyday, that we haven’t thought of yet?

We ask for reflections on the aesthetics of the everyday, in particular, but not exclusively, in relation to the Everyday Aesthetics debate, to discuss the critical potentials of the discussion(this includes the possibility to claim that there is no such thing). The editors of this special issue would like to challenge the Western middle-class approaches. We encourage authors to dive into history, unseen lifestyles, forced lifestyles (prisons, hospitals) and any other topics, that, through their examples, might also touch upon a string in the more theoretical frameworks typical for the topic.

We welcome contributions in different academic stylistic traditions.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:


Call for Papers

ESPES. The Slovak Journal of Aesthetics
Everyday Aesthetics: European Perspectives

Submission deadline: July 15, 2021

Publication date: December 2021


Everyday Aesthetics is a trend of philosophical aesthetics that has been strongly developed in the early years of the 21st century. Firstly, Everyday Aesthetics has been concerned with defining the everyday and its fields. Later on, it has extended to different topics (environment, city, design) and perspectives, intertwining Anglo-American and European approaches.

The thematic issue seeks to highlight a turning point in the further articulation of Everyday Aesthetics, making explicit the distinct European traditions (phenomenology, semiology, marxism, hermeneutics, and so forth). For this reason, we invite authors to discuss whether and how the European thinking or Europe-originated perspectives on everyday life can be elaborated to develop the debate on Everyday Aesthetics, showing new methodologies, categories, and fields, taking into account analytical, comparative and historical approaches.

The editors of this thematic issue recognize and respect the multilingual tradition in philosophical and applied Everyday Aesthetics. For this occasion, however, we are calling forth contributions in English to engage with the discussion that takes place globally.

Submissions may focus on all aspects of Everyday Aesthetics, including, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Methodological questions
  • Everyday aesthetic categories
  • Comparative approaches to Everyday Aesthetics
  • Everyday Aesthetics and design/fashion/food/city/ environment
  • Future of Everyday Aesthetics

Complete formatting and submission instructions are available at: .  All submissions will undergo a double-blind review process.

If you have any questions, please contact the editors at: